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Fortius Coaching Triathlon Training Camp, March 5-8th, 2015, Lake San Antonio, California 

Fortius Coaching continues it's annual tradition of preparing its athletes for the triathlon racing season on the Wildflower Triathlon Course in Lake San Antonio just north of Paso Robles, California. The camp takes place over four days with accomodations at the Lake San Antonio Resort on the grounds of the Wildflower Triathlon courses. The camp is geared to provide athletes with 3 solid days of cycling and running and will include swims as long as the water levels are appropriate.  


Benefits of a Triathlon Training Camp:

Focused Training without Distractions:  Leave your regular life behind for a few days and focus on training. No meetings, no agenda, and no obligations. Focused training produces positive outcomes on athletic performance immediately and for several weeks after a training camp has ended.

Access to Quality Coaching:
  Being able to hang out with coaches and other athletes all day long offers a chance how to apply training principles. You will have multiple coaches providing feedback ongoing in the swim, bike, run and transcending to recovery, nutrition, stretching, and yoga. USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, and RRCA Certified Coaches, Gerardo Barrios, Tom Mossman and Ray Barrios will be there to assist every step of the way. 

A Learning Experience:  A great opportunity to learn more about multi-sport, yourself, and your teammates. You will also learn to take your athleticism to the next level as you will have numerous opportunities to challenge yourself.

Quality Training:  Training Camp will leave you much more confident with your overall training. You will know how to approach your swimming, biking and running sessions especially on courses that are similar to the terrain we will be racing on. You will pick up a multitude of practical tips and tricks that will make you faster, better, and smarter! You don't have to be a triathlete to benefit from the camp. Runners and cyclists have numerous opportunities to ride and run.

Rest and Recovery:  You will be surprised how much rest you can actually get when you don't have to execute household chores or run errands. It's also ok to skip workouts and enjoy the serene setting.

Camp Schedule:

Thursday March 5: 6 mile run, one hour ride, welcome dinner
Friday, March 6: 25-40 mile bike ride, 3 mile run, yoga class, transition clinic
Saturday March 7: 56-70 mile bike ride, yoga class, open water clinic
Sunday, March 8: 13 mile run


Fortius Coaching Triathlon Training Camp $500 for non-Fortius Racing Team Members


Fortius Coaching Triathlon Training Camp $450 for Fortius Racing Team Members 

You can also send your payment via Venmo. Contact Coach Gerardo for details at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Included in the Camp:

  • Shared Accomodations in Lake San Antonio Resort Cabins
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Supported Long Rides and Runs
  • Fluid Electrolyte and Recovery Drinks
  • Sponsor Goody Bag
  • Raffle
  • Optional private bike and run lessons
  • Discussions of Wildflower Triathlon Courses
  • Discussion on how to prepare for 2015 season


silverman team

Fortius Racing Team is made up of coached athletes from Fortius Coaching and athletes who train and race with us. This program is ideal for the athlete who is self-coached or doesn't not need a training plan but wants to participate in all or some group activities. 

Fortius Racing Team Membership

  • Private Fortius Racing Facebook Page
  • Group Runs
  • Group Rides
  • Weekly Coached Group Workouts inlcuding Wednesday Griffith Park Brick, Fall Season Trail Runs and Winter Season Speed Work
  • Group Swims at VNSO Pool 
  • Discounts on Clinics geared for the Ironman including Yoga, Nutrition, Transitions, etc.
  • Discounts on Nutrition, Massages, and Triathlon Gear
  • Discounts on camps and clinics
  • A USAT Membership is required  
  • $125 Monthly Membership with Swim Workouts, Other Group Workouts, Facebook Group, Team discounts, etc. 

    $50 Monthly Membership for all non-swim team workouts and access to Facebook Group, team discounts, training and racing advice. 

    $59 Annual Membership Fee for Facebook Group to access team discounts, training and racing advice.

    Gerardo Barrios

    USA Triathlon Certified Coach
    USA Cycling Certified Coach
    ASCA Certified Swimming Coach


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